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The season is drawing to a close and we trust you have all had an enjoyable time, playing, coaching, umpiring or supporting. The last round of normal competition games will be this Sat 16 August. ChCh Netball have just announced that Irene Van Dyk will be at the courts from 9.30am to noon and available for photo and autographs.

Teams (except Prem grades) will qualify for semi finals on August 23 on the following basis, with the winners playing the final on August 30. 
Divisions with 2 sections - the top 2 teams in each section
Divisions with 3 sections - the top team in each section, plus best 2nd
Divisions with 4 sections - the top team from each section

With one game to play, the following teams are well placed to make semi finals.

Senior 2 - B - 1st
2nd - D and E - both 2nd
3rd - L - 2nd
U19 - H and J - both 1st
U17 - M, N and O - all 1st
U15 - R - 1st
U13 - U - 1st
U12 - JA and JB - 1st
U11 - JF - 2nd
Good luck to everyone!

Junior Prizegiving  for teams from Under 17 to Under 11 grades (wet or fine)

When:    Sunday 14 September, 2:30pm to no later than 4.30pm - no cost
Where:    Avonhead School Hall
There will be activities for the teams, awards handed out, other netballing achievements recognised, and food and drinks supplied as well.  Players should wear appropriate clothing and shoes to participate in outdoor activities.  Some help from Coaches and Parents is welcome so that we can keep some semblance of order.

Senior Prizegiving for teams in Premier, Senior, 2nd, 3rd, U19 and Skillwise

When:    Tuesday 2 September, 6:00pm - entry by $25 ticket - see your coach to purchase before Aug 29.
Where:    Winnie Bagoes City
This will be held over a meal of salads, breads, wedges and gourmet pizzas at the extremely popular Winnie Bagoes City.

Returning Gear

All players are required to return their playing bag and jacket to their Coach (or a delegated person) before 13 September in good condition. Ensure you have cleaned your jacket and bag. Any player not returning their gear will be considered nonfinancial and will be ineligible to play netball in 2015 for any club until the gear is returned in good condition or satisfactory reimbursement is made to Technical Netball Club.  The Coach will confirm who has not returned their gear.  You will be charged the current replacement cost of $37 for backpacks and $62 for jackets.

Coaches should return the team jackets/backpacks and the team gear bag at Junior Prizegiving - Avonhead School on Sunday 14 September between 2pm and 3pm.   You also need to give us the list of names and issued gear, marked with who has returned the gear.  Check the numbers found on the backpacks and jackets do match those on the list previously supplied to you.  Ensure you have cleaned the bibs, gear and bag. Contact Raewyn Pope  if you need to return it at another time, but before 14 September.

Senior players - please do not bring your gear to Senior Prizegiving, instead ensure you have handed it to your Coach before 14 September.

This will be held in March 2015 and we will be on the lookout for some more people to join us. Generally we meet once a month from January to September. We enjoy superb suppers, the usual discussions and make decisions that affect what happens to your daughter and her netball team. We would love to hear from any of you interested in joining us for next season, particularly from parents of the junior grades. 

We welcome your feedback on how things have gone and any suggestions for improvements next year.  Either drop an email to us at, or drop a line to our PO Box 36 222, or bend the ear of a committee member at the Prize Giving

Looking forward to seeing you all at prizegiving!

Technical Netball Committee.


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