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As we head to the end of the season, we wish all teams the best of luck, and to play hard but fair as you attempt to make semi finals. A reminder please for everyone - players, coaches and sideline supporters to be respectful to the umpires and the opposition.  Play and comment positively for Technical, forget about the other team.  The sidelines have been getting a little tetchy as we get to the last games.  Remember, we enjoy this game.   Due to the cancellation of games for the under age teams and Second Grade B, those semis and finals have been pushed out a week, with the last round robin to be played 24 August (for games that were to be played 10 August).  Their semis will be held 31 August.  The senior teams will progress according to the original dates, but for the Saturday teams, the semis will be 24 August.  Both our A and B teams will be involved in finals for the Tuesday night competition - so keep an eye on our facebook page for information and come along to support them.

We will be celebrating all teams at a joint function this year.  There is a cost involved,  and these are charged to help recuperate food costs.  

Prizegiving for ALL teams

When:    Saturday 31 August, 3:15pm to 5pm, doors open from 3pm.

Where:   Dining Hall,  St Bede's College, Main North Rd. Parking on site.

Cost: $5 to be paid to a nominated person

There will be food and non-alcoholic drinks provided, and the event will focus on presenting awards.  Everyone is encouraged to dress up and enjoy. The theme this year is - Team letter.   Choose a word starting with team letter, and be creative.  Players will be issued with a drinks voucher (soft drink or orange juice), plus water will be available.  Can you let us know about any special food requirements in the next week.   

Please arrange with your team for one person to collect the money for the tickets  and contact with the number of tickets required by Friday 1st September. Drinks will be at your own cost. Prize giving should finish around 9pm.


Returning Gear

ALL players are required to return their jacket to their Coach or Manager as soon as possible,  in clean condition.  Any player not returning their gear will be considered non-financial and will be ineligible to play netball in 2019 for any club until the gear is returned in good condition or satisfactory reimbursement is made to Technical Netball Club.  You will be charged the current replacement cost $62 for jackets.  Teams that were supplied with dresses should ensure these are returned in a clean condition to the Coach or Manager.

Coaches/Managers should return the team jackets and the team gear bag at Prizegiving.  Ensure the bibs are clean and the gear bag cleaned out.  It is quite surprising the extra stuff that gets returned. 

Looking forward to seeing you all at 2019 Prizegiving!

Technical Netball Committee.


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