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As we head to the end of the season, we wish all teams the best of luck, and to play hard but fair. We have arranged the following prize giving functions.  Due to a technical hitch, emails were only sent to Coaches this week with the details, which they should have passed on.  This is now your very own personal invitation!

Senior Prizegiving for Prem, Sen Res, Second, U19 and U17 teams

When:    Thursday 24 September, 6:30pm start - doors open 6pm

Where:  The Bealey, 263 Bealey Avenue

Cost: $40 to Westpac 01 1591 0105537 00 no later than Wednesday 16 September.

There will be a set menu, with everyone seated.  One drink voucher will be included.  Everyone is encouraged to dress up and enjoy. There is no special theme - but each team may want to adopt one.  The Mains will offer a choice of Fish, Steak, Chicken and Vege Stack.  There will be an entree and dessert options as well.  Can you let us know about any special food requirements as soon as you can. 

There is a limit of 100 people, tickets are only available for team players and management.  We require your payment as soon as you can, so that we are able to confirm numbers for catering, and check we can fit you all in.

Junior Prizegiving for U15 and U13 teams

When:    Sunday 27 September 4-5pm

Where:    Laserstrike, Moorhouse Ave

Cost:      $15 to Westpac 03 1591 0105537 no later than Friday 25 September

There will be time for a couple of games, followed by snacks and drinks - for teams only, along with presentation of prizes.  Come along and celebrate the season.

Returning Gear

ALL players are required to return their jacket to their Coach,  in clean condition.  Any player not returning their gear will be considered non-financial and will be ineligible to play netball in 2020.  Teams that were supplied with dresses should ensure these are returned in a clean condition to the Coach so that $10 refunds can be issued where required. 
Coaches/Managers should return the team jackets, dresses and the team gear bag at Prizegiving.  Ensure the bibs are clean and the gear bag cleaned out.  It is quite surprising the extra stuff that gets returned. 

(lack of) Spectators at Level 2

Currently at Level 2, there is a limit on the number of people that can be at a court and safely social distance.  Numbers need to take into account the incoming team, who need space to warmup and gather before they play.  To be fair to all teams and supporters, we have been advised that NO spectators are allowed.  Only Team players and management - all to be named on the pink card-  should be at the court. There is an absolute maximum of 15 - does not mean that 15 are routinely allowed.  Team management from Senior Reserve down is limited to the Coach, Manager/scorer and Primary First Aid - that is it!  

Please respect these protocols and don't push it.  You can watch from grassed areas, so long as social distancing.  Games can be stopped if there are too many, and people requested to move before the game will resume.  Your Club President is one of those monitoring the courts, and she would prefer not to have deal with a Technical sideline in breach of the protocols.

Finally, there are still some players yet to pay their subscriptions - so please do it now.  We will be chasing you up individually, but lets not make the job any more difficult for the volunteers running the Club.  We will start looking in the next couple of months, at what we should be doing in 2021, and there are some decisions to be made with upcoming changes in uniform options and how the competition will be run as CNC hope to move to indoor play as from the 2022 season.  This is an exciting time to offer your time to help run the club, so put yourself forward.  Its only a handful of meetings per year - but affect all the players.  

Kind regards

Technical Netball Committee.


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