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You are invited to attend the AGM and Presentation of certificates and trophies, as well as return your bags and jackets, to be held:

Sunday 26 September starting at 10.00am

HSOB Clubrooms in Ayr Street, Riccarton

Now that things have settled down, we have been able to come up with a new plan to do all those things we need to do in order to wrap up the 2010 season.  We are also very aware that school holidays are upon us and it is better that we get our gear back sooner rather than wait until the end of holidays.   So we hope most people will be able to manage to work with the date.  If you cannot return the gear personally, then please arrange for someone to do it on your behalf.  Coaches must return their gear bags on this day also.  If there is any problem then please contact Kylie (382 6948 or 0212 890 090) or Raewyn (358 5471 or 0273 210 364).  Don't forget that daylight saving starts this weekend.  Gear can be returned anytime between 10.00am and noon.

While we had indicated the cancellation of the AGM and Prizegiving, following some feedback we want to offer the opportunity for players to receive their certificates and trophies.  The AGM will take place starting at 10.00am and will include presentations of certificates and trophies to those who wish to receive them on this day.  Click here to see the full list of 2010 Award Winners.  For various reasons you may not wish or be able to attend.  If you are an award winner then we will ensure you do receive it.  Very light refreshments will be available - there will be no need to 'bring a plate' as we had requested.

Please RSVP  your intentions:

- attend AGM and Presentation and return gear
- return gear only

Thank you for your patience as we all worked our way through the most unforgettable and hopefully never to be repeated end to Netball.

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