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Just a short note to update you all.  What a great start to the 2014 season!  There are a number of special highlights worth mentioning:

The A team have maintained their place in Premier 1.  We have five players selected in the Canterbury U19 and U17 squads - Chelsea Bremner, Katelyn Inch and Mahara Feala from the A team, Crystal Adams from the B team and Danni Malzard from the C team  - congratulations to you all!

Section winners at the end of Round 1 were H and(U19), P (U15), U and W (U13), JA, JB and JC (U12),  - well done! Keep up the good work for Round 2. All coaches do a great job, but special recognition for Naomi Faga - with her two teams (P and U) winning their sections.  It was pleasing to see that all teams registered at least 1 win.  Most teams have been shuffled around to give you some different opposition.  This means that there is no meaning in 'going up' a section or 'going down' a section where you stay in the same Division of your grade.

Remember when you're down at Hagley on a Saturday to follow the Positive Sideline Supporters Code:
#1 Cheer smart - Learn about the game, so you can encourage friends and family to take part.
#2 Cheer with honour - Respect the rules and traditions of the game, and all participants.
#3 Cheer proud - Set an example of fair play for alls; Give the cold shoulder to abuse & bad sports.
#4 Cheer fair - Be dignified and gracious whatever the result, whatever the ruling.
#5 Cheer loud - Give it heaps in a way that lets everyone know we love the game.

ChCh Netball have introduced the concept of the 'Sideline Leader' this season.  Teams are strongly encouraged to take responsibility for the behaviour of their own sideline (coaches, players, parents and all supporters). by appointing a 'leader' to  encourage positive support and nip in the bud any behaviours that could become abusive (any sustained negative verbals directed against anyone else).  All teams from U17 down should get an armband from the office to identify their leader.

Another new idea introduced this season is the requirement for many grades to provide their own umpire.  Some anecdotal evidence suggests that teams are getting better umpiring than in the past, when they had disinterested players from other clubs/grades being in charge of the whistle.  We know it is a challenge to get umpires, but it is made easier if you give them some support and forgive the human mistakes.  If the umpiring is very poor and/or unfair, someone should be sent to the office to ask for an official to come down and observe.

We have increased our teams by four this season to number 33, including our Skillwise team.  Generally teams are full with 9 players, which is really handy when you have a player not available because of sickness, injury  or other commitments (formals, odd holidays etc), but can be challenging ensuring an equitable share of court time for everyone.  It is not usually possible for everyone to have equal court time due to the specialised requirements of some positions. 
There is a wealth of information to be found on our website and Facebook page, also that of Christchurch Netball, so please check them out and make yourself familiar with them.  Make use of Facebook to tell us a brief run down on how your team's game went each week - keep it brief and positive.

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