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Welcome to all new and returning players for the 2017 netball season. We were fortunate to get our trials completed in decent weather, amongst the many days of grey we seem to be enduring at the moment.  Teams have been organised and everyone advised. A huge thank you to the selectors and umpires of the trial games.  We take satisfaction in ensuring that we find a place for everyone that registers and turns up for trials.  There are places open in most grades, so if you have friends still wanting to play, encourage them to join us. For various reasons, players pull out, leaving us with gaps.  Coaches will be in touch with you to advise when practices will start.  We realise it is a bit tricky with the school holidays looming, however you should be able to get in a couple of sessions before competition begins Saturday 6 May for all teams except Premier A and Senior B.  Christchurch Netball is undergoing earthquake repairs and we have been warned that if there is a delay in them reopening, then the start may be delayed. A decision is expected mid April (likely after Easter).

If you are new to the Club you may not be aware that we require players to buy their playing uniform (Technical shirt and skirt).  The cost of a complete uniform is $95, although you can buy separately the shirt for $55 and the skirt for $45 and are available on Club Day. We do not make any profit on uniforms as we sell them at cost to us. We encourage second hand uniforms to be made available for sale on our Facebook page.  Jackets will be provided for junior teams and distributed by the coach.

CLUB DAY        

Where:    Heaton Intermediate School, in the Hall (125 Heaton St, Merivale)

  Date:    Sunday 2 April

  Time:    11am to noon    for uniforms and paying subs (cash/cheques only)

      10:40am AGM - all welcome

             10am to 10:30am   for Coaches to pick up gear bags

SUBSCRIPTIONS are now due and may be paid on Club Day (by cash or cheque only), although you are strongly encouraged to pay these electronically to Westpac 03 1591 0105537 00, and using player name as reference.  Please do not give to the Coach or take to netball courts, as it is just too risky these days.  Cheques can be sent to PO Box 36222, Christchurch 8146.
Grade Due by May 6 Discounted
(if paid by April 24)
Premier  (A team)       $305 $280
Senior, 2nd, 3rd, U19, $205 $180
U17, U15, U14, U13, U12,          $165 $140

Where a parent has 2 or more school age children playing, each player will receive a 10% discount.  

A parent coaching a team will receive 50% discount off one subscription. A player who also coaches a different team will receive a 50% discount.  

A player providing an umpire for Third grade, U14, U13 or U12 will be eligible for a 50% discount.  Only one discount option is available per player.

We are happy to accept payments by 6 weekly instalments (electronic banking only please) if this is more manageable.  Please email with proposed plan for the attention of the Treasurer. 

Fundraising Event
We have chosen not raise subscriptions this year, despite facing increased team costs from Christchurch Netball and general increases in balls etc.  Instead we have organised a 'Hypnotist' evening on Thursday 11 May, to be held at Hornby Working Men's Club.  This is a show suitable for all the family.  Tickets will be $16, of which we get to keep $10.    As we have book blocked 200 tickets, that would be a tidy $2000 that we can add to our coffers.  We are looking at a team selling 10 tickets.  This could make an excellent team bonding event, at the start of the season.  More details on how to get and pay for the tickets will be provided.  Senior teams will also hold team fundraisers during the season and we encourage you to support their efforts as well.

Entertainment Books for sale

We continue to raise funds by selling Entertainment Books in both digital and hard copy.  The digital version is very handy and saves having to carry the big book.  The Club receives $13 for every book sold.   The current version covers Christchurch, Canterbury and Nelson, however you can order books for other regions, such as Dunedin.  The link to the Technical Netball payment page is:

which is where you can order and pay online using credit card details.  If you want to pay cash/cheque, then please see Elaine Higgs or Raewyn Pope. The books cost $65 and we will deliver them to you on a Saturday at Hagley. Ensure you include the name of the Technical netball player you know, so that we can get the book to you.  They will be available from mid May, for use as from 1 June 2017.

Umpiring requirements of teams

ALL players in Premier, Senior, Senior Reserve, Second Grade and U19 grade must sit the NNZ on line Centre Theory exam.  When you have completed the test on line, you must print out their certificate and hand to the coach.   If you don't hand in the certificate, then you are deemed to be unregistered and should not play.  A team playing an unregistered player can have competition points deducted. Currently the test is not available online, but information will be emailed to you when it is open.

Teams in Third grade, U14, U13 and U12  are required to supply their own umpire for their game.  Failure to do so will require a player to be stood down, ie the team will play with only 6 players.  The Coach will discuss with the team if a roster is necessary.  If you have someone (parent, sister, brother, friend) who is capable and willing to umpire for the team, then please advise your Coach.

You can now follow us on Facebook. Search for 'Technical Netball Club' and ask to join the group. 

As always, please check out the website for the most up to date information.

Happy netballing
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