Technical Netball Club
We do not appear to have received a payment from your for your subscription for this year and would appreciate payment as soon as possible.

The amounts now due are:

    U17, U15, U14, U13, U12                $ 135.00
    Prem, Senior, 2nd, U19, 3rd             $ 170.00

Please send cheques to:    Technical Netball
                                      PO Box 29590
                                      Christchurch 8540

Electronic banking to Westpac 03 1591 0105537 00.  Please reference with your name and grade.

If you want to pay cash, then please also bank to the Westpac bank account above and reference with home phone number. 

If you have paid, then please contact me to confirm details.  We are happy to take instalment payments if that will suit you better.  A reply email will reach me.

If your subscription still remains unpaid by 31 August 2012 then we will notify ChCh Netball that you are unfinancial.  This will mean that you would be unable to play netball next year for any Club/School as you would be unable to transfer until our subscription for this year was paid.

We trust we won't have to take the last action, however you should know our policy.  We are pleased to say that for the last two season we have received payment from all players and not had to notify ChCh Netball of unfinancial players.

Elaine Higgs


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PO Box 36222
Christchurch,  8146
New Zealand


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