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Hi everyone.  If you are not the one actually paying the sub, please pass this on.  ignore this reminder if you have already paid.  Coaches please check that everyone in your team has received this newsletter.  There are some late players who have as not registered online.

SUBSCRIPTIONS are now due and should be paid ASAP.  The amount payable is determined by your team.  Some teams have been sponsored and subscriptions will be lower than others, or the team have undertaken to pay additional costs themselves.

 A team  $225
 B Team  $325
 C and D Teams  $170
 E and F Teams - 2A  $130
G and H Teams - U19  $120
 I Team - U17  $110
 J Team - U15   $ 90
 K Team - U13   $ 90
 Titans - Men   $120

How to Pay

Online Banking: Westpac 03 1591 0105537 00.  Please reference with your name and grade. 

Please do not give to the Coach or take to netball courts, as it is just too risky these days. 

Discounts are available (one option per player) 

  •  Where a parent has 2 or more school age children playing, each player will receive a 10% discount.
  • A player who coaches a different team will receive a 50% discount. 

Pay by instalments

We are happy to accept payments by 5 weekly instalments (electronic banking only please) if this is more manageable.  Please email with proposed plan for the attention of the Treasurer. 


Penalties for late payment

Regretfully, if the sub is not paid by 31 August, or no arrangements made to pay, there will be a $30 additional fee and the player may be required to stand down from competition play.  We trust we don't get to that stage, and will make every effort to put together an instalment plan to suit.  However, we are also required to pay Christchurch Netball in a timely manner and we rely on all team members paying their way.  In cases of financial hardship, we are willing to listen and find a solution.


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