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End of Season

We trust you are all well, as we come to recognise the end of the 2021 season.  Fortunately, all teams were able to complete a full regular season of games, and everyone being in the same dress uniform was the first time in many many years!  The Covid19 restrictions have also put paid to our plans to hold a full Senior Prize Giving event for U17 to Premier teams.  Instead, we are encouraging each team to hold their own end of season dinner, at which awards will be presented by a special guest.  Coaches have been asked to make this happen.  In support of our major sponsor -  The Bealey - we encourage you to use them, or one of their associated venues.   Junior Prize Giving has been organised from 3pm on Thursday 23 September at Cobham Intermediate.  A separate newsletter will have details of all award winners - but lets keep the surprises for a couple more weeks.

Returning Gear

All players are required to return their uniforms and jackets to their Coach,  in a clean condition.  Bringing these to your team dinner is the easiest way to go.  Coaches/Managers should return the team jackets, dresses and the team gear bag.  Ensure the bibs are clean and the gear bag cleaned out.  It is quite surprising the extra stuff that gets returned. 


We will be holding the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 19 October, from 7pm.  The venue has yet to be confirmed.  Everyone is welcome!  Sadly we are losing three long standing members from our committee at the end of this year, and we have plenty of room for more people to help out.  There are 7-8 meetings per year - organising trials, teams and prize giving, as well as discussing ideas for fund raising.  These meetings are set to ensure that everyone can attend, and this year has included Zoom when necessary.  If you are at all interested, please make yourself known - consider this an invitation to you all to come and join us.  Even if you don't want to commit to the 'committee' but willing to help with specific task, then your willing hands are welcome.  

Final points ...

We were so fortunate to be able to celebrate our 100 years with members, past and present.  A very lively evening of talking, eating, drinking and talking some more was enjoyed on the Friday.  Some very smiley faces  fun was had on the Saturday night bus trip for a small but select group. We will be putting up photos and details on our website in the near future.  The Christchurch Technical College Association was recently wound up and a donation made to Technical Netball Club, as the only surviving and continuing sports group associated with the group.  A presentation was made at the Centenary Celebration.  A rousing thank you to the organising committee who worked tirelessly to bring the event alive - Raewyn Pope, Trish Ireland, Jill Diamond, Lisa McKay and Hayley Kubiak.

A big thank you to The Bealey for their generous sponsorship this year, which enabled us to purchase new dresses and kept your subscriptions to a minimum.  Please continue to use your Oxford Club card and support their venues.  We have also had donations from Mother Earth, New World Bishopdale and New World Ilam.

On behalf of all the players, thanks to coaches, managers, scorers, umpires and committee members that ensured you were able to play your games.  It takes more than just 7 players on courts to make the season happen, as we all connect as a Club.   Enjoy your team dinners and we are already thinking about next year.  Just thoughts at this stage.  Catch up with you all soon and look out for re-registration emails in early February.

Kind regards

Technical Netball Committee

Elaine Higgs, Raewyn Pope, Tracy Scott, Alanna Ineson, Sam Schulz, Brenda Bickerstaff , Dani Fisher


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